NG 911

Helping communities improve their GIS and 911 data to be NG 911 compliant

Closer Look

Amalgam has completed 16 NG 911 projects including working with ten communities during the Michigan NG 911 GIS Grant Program. The result, our highly experienced and knowledgeable team has developed and updated all aspects of NG 911 geospatial data and information. We implement effective and efficient work flows to execute NG 911 projects successfully, on time and within budget.

What is NG 911?
Next Generation 911 (NG 911) is a system that enhances 911 services by enabling the seamless flow of digital information from the public to emergency responders. The result is a modern 911 system that benefits from new and emerging communication technologies used by the public.

NG 911 Project Areas

Improving 911 data benefits the entire emergency response cycle

Next Generation 911 services

How We Help

Simply put, we make your data NG 911 compliant and we do it with a highly qualified and experienced team. The following project areas are executed to meet or exceed NG 911 standards, resulting in GIS data and information that improves the delivery of 911 services.  
Road Centerlines
Develop road centerline data or spatially adjust existing road centerline data to the true centerline as observed from digital orthophotography
Road Centerline Attribution
Enhance information about road centerlines to improve the accuracy and completeness of attribution (road prefix, road name, road suffix, etc.).
Point Addressing
Develop point addressing data through field collection process using proprietary addressing application to promote efficiency and quality.
Block Addressing
Improve address range accuracy in urban environments where block address ranges are present.
Emergency Service Zones
Develop or adjust existing Emergency Service Zones to improve accuracy and promote spatial integrity between 911 data where required.
GIS - MSAG Validation
Perform comparison analysis between MSAG and GIS information to identify and resolve matching errors.
Provide assistance to help communities with assessments, strategic planning and to develop maintenance routines that keep GIS and 911 data NG 911 compliant.