Making location data and services more accessible

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FetchGIS is a modern web and mobile GIS software that makes it easy for audiences to benefit from location data and services. Used by government, industry, business and non-profits, FetchGIS engages users in an intuitive workspace that streamlines data discovery and increases service benefits to a broad audience.

Key Features

Responsive - accessible on desktops, tablets and smartphones
My Location - displays current location on map for GPS enabled tablets and smartphones
Field Applications - access maps, create and edit features, collect data in the field
Advanced Mapping Tools - create and edit features using tools like snapping, bearing/distance, GPS, draw parallel/perpendicular, fixed rectangle and more
Data Discovery - multiple search options, paged results, recently viewed results and information windows
Secure Access - segment public access using credentials to grant specific users access to private data and workflows
Output - shared map links, custom maps, reports, notification lists, site plans and more
Markup - add graphic elements including shapes, lines, points and annotation
Measure - measure length and area, find map coordinate and select from multiple measure units
Historical Imagery Comparison - layer swipe tool to compare aerial imagery from different times
Cloud Based - managed as a hosted service using Amazon and Microsoft Cloud services
Scalable Solution - to serve new workflows or technology integration needs as they arise

Service Areas include government, industry, business and non-profit organizations.

Where is FetchGIS used?

Local Governments
Fortune 500 Companies
Small Businesses
Non-Profit Organizations

How is FetchGIS used?

Community GIS
Field Applications
Environmental Monitoring
Facilities Management
Retail Analytics
Environmental Health
Land Management

FetchGIS Services

FetchGIS serves a wide range of organizations and use cases

FetchGIS for Communities

Community GIS

Community GIS is Amalgam's FetchGIS service for local government. Providing audiences efficient paths to parcel information and other local data, Community GIS includes common base layers (parcels, transportation, imagery, etc.), multiple search options, detailed land information, custom maps, parcel reports, notification lists and more. Additional Community GIS service areas include Delinquent Tax, Sales Search and Building Information.

Community GIS services can also be scaled to include additional GIS layers and functionality, such as exploring Parks and Recreation opportunities or providing secure access to sensitive GIS layers, information and functionality.

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FetchGIS for Environmental Health

Fetch Environmental Health

FetchEH is designed specifically for environmental health workflows and data, including Food Programs, and Onsite Wastewater and Well Water Permitting. Providing a location based approach to environmental health, FetchEH focuses on building good, location based data that can be used to inform decisions, work better and improve public health.

FetchEH supports mapping, form based data collection, form designer and insights tools for reporting, filtering and visualizing environmental health data.

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FetchGIS for Public Gardens

Public Gardens

FetchGIS makes it easy for visitors to explore and learn about Public Gardens, while also improving access and information flow for staff. The Public Gardens services provides facility and plant location information in an interactive map, along with intuitive discovery tools to guide exploration.

The Public Gardens service includes mapping and data entry tools, and can be used on desktop, tablet or smartphones.
FetchGIS for Business and Industry

Business & Industry

FetchGIS is used by small businesses and industry to improve business processes, streamline workflows and enhance access to information and location services. Amalgam has developed FetchGIS solutions for market analysis, field applications, monitoring, facilities management, location analytics, land management and more.

We work with small retailers and Fortune 100 companies and have experience with a broad range of geospatial data, databases and use cases. To learn more about how FetchGIS is used by the private sector contact us directly.