Location is everything

We make understanding it easy


Location has become integral to the services and technology that we use daily. From government to industry and business, location driven technologies and services have created new opportunities to ask complex questions about data with location driving the value add.

We help organizations get more from their location data and services. From visualizations and dashboards to IoT integrations and analytics, we translate data into useful insights for organizations.

Understand Each Interaction Better

Developed For Location Data
To understand location you need a solution that is built on a geospatial framework designed specifically to optimize location data. The FetchGIS Platform is just that, a location service designed for exploring and understanding location data, from visualizations and discovery tools to data integrations, analytics and reporting, FetchGIS helps organizations leverage location as a value added asset.
Everyday Insights
Location based insights are not just for high end IoT applications, we work with government, industry and business helping them get more from their location data and services. This includes automating routines for creating insights and analytics, simplifying data discovery with dashboards, search options and reporting, and integrating technologies like sensors, drones and field applications to improve workflows and create new insights.
Built For High Performance
Sensors in many IoT applications now have the ability transmit data at high frequencies, creating volumes of location data that require high performance systems to consume and translate these data into useful information. Since 2012, we have worked with sensor technologies like indoor location services using ultra wideband, WiFi and Bluetooth, to implement solutions for the most demanding location data.
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