Onsite Wastewater Mapping & Management

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FetchEH helps regulators better understand and manage onsite wastewater inventories in their communities. From mapping onsite systems to tracking operations and maintenance and creating powerful map visualizations, FetchEH gives regulators a new perspective, turning onsite system data into useful insights.

Move beyond a permit transaction and start using your data to understand more about septic system inventories in your community.

Mapping Septic Systems

Understanding more with better data

Mapping Site Plans

Develop complete digital site plans that are to scale and mapped on the property where they are actually located. Map septic tanks, drain fields, laterals, soil borings, measurement lines and more, and capture information about each feature such as tank size, drain field type, inspection date, status and more.

Site Plan & Data Conversions

Build a complete digital inventory of septic systems by mapping paper site plans sitting in the filing cabinet and systems managed in a permitting database. Amalgam offers services to assist in mapping site plans and to provide guidance on options that improve location for existing records managed in a permitting database.

A digital, location based septic system inventory is the foundation that enables the use of data and location as a management tool. So any conversion project should consider plans to map or improve the location of septic systems.

Amalgam is currently working with the Bay County Michigan Health Department to map and enter information about all onsite systems in the county. Learn more about the project below:

Field Accessible

Access site plan maps and information in the field and conduct mapping workflows onsite. FetchEH works on desktops or mobile and offers an offline mode, so you can still access maps and tools in the field even without a data connection.

Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

Manage O&M tasks including data collection, visualizing status maps, creating reports and applying O&M data to gain new insights about your onsite wastewater inventory. FetchEH makes it easy to combine O&M data and other system information, such as system age, system type and more, with rich location based visualizations and discovery tools.

Management Tools

Developing location based septic system data enables regulators to move beyond simply permitting and record keeping, to using data to introduce workflow efficiencies, support operations and maintenance (O&M) regulations, assess system risk and gain new insights about the health of systems in their community. These management tools help regulators target funding and other resources to those systems that pose the greatest threat to public health and water quality.

Well Water Sample Tracking

Enter any number of Water Sample results to a mapped Well to track and monitor contaminants. Water Sample results can be entered for the primary and secondary EPA NPDWR contaminants, which in the future will provide the opportunity to symbolize Wells based on a contaminant value, such as high nitrates.

Improving Access

FetchEH also helps agencies improve access to septic system site plans and information. Home owners, contractors, Realtors and other regulators can use FetchEH to view site plans on any device, share maps and even print site plans or save them as a PDF. Improving access reduces counter, telephone and email traffic, while also helping home owners become more familiar with what is often a black box.

Site Research & Design

Evaluating a site often involves reviewing multiple state and federal web mapping services, and local map layers to identify limiting conditions such as property boundaries, wetlands, wells and underground storage tanks.

FetchEH consolidates federal, state and local map layers and information on one map, including any site plans that have been mapped, so designers save time and see all of the site research data working together on a single map.

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Project Focus: Kawkawlin River Watershed Project
Amalgam and the Bay County, MI Health Department to develop county-wide location-based septic system inventory. To learn more about the Kawkawlin River Watershed Mapping and Education Outreach Project follow the project updates here: