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Founded in 2005, Amalgam is a GIS company providing innovative geospatial solutions to communities, businesses, industry and non-profits. And while our portfolio and team has grown, we continue to stay true to our original belief in the value of a handshake, building strong relationships and thinking outside the box. As a result we have retained nearly 100% of our client base, who continue to work with our team and provide strong recommendations to new clients.

Amalgam is managed by its three co-founders, who have more than 40 years of combined experience in the GIS industry, and is staffed with a talented team of geospatial professionals, developers and a host of interns. Our team has expertise and experience in a wide range of geospatial technologies, applications and use cases across a diverse client base.

As we move into the future our focus continues to be using innovative geospatial solutions to leverage location as an asset for our clients. And as technology evolves, we continue to be actively engaged in emerging technologies, like the Internet of Things (IoT), sensors and indoor locational analytics, that will change how people, business and industry interact with physical spaces.

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Amalgam is managed by three co-founders

Amalgam co-founder, Ken Curry
Ken Curry

Ken has more than 20 years of geospatial experience and a comprehensive understanding of geospatial technology, its applications and its potential to compliment emerging opportunities.

Amalgam co-founder, JJ Schlafley
JJ Schlafley

A problem solver by nature, JJ heads technology and application development at Amalgam. With more than 10 years building software solutions, JJ has a clear understanding of how technology can benefit an organization.

Amalgam co-founder, David Nichol
David Nichol

Dave brings 10 plus years of geospatial experience to clients with a focus on process and details. He leads projects at Amalgam, backed by a diverse range of clients and project domains.