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Location. It is who we are, what we do and we take great pride in helping organizations get more from their location data and services. As a result, Amalgam continues to grow as a direct result of client retention and their strong referrals. We provide location services to a diverse client base and serve a growing number of use cases and technology applications.


Data Updates - Preston Community Services

Amalgam completes parcel update project for Preston Community Services LLC. The project included completing mapping in areas not previously mapped, and mapping splits and combinations. Amalgam provides GIS Support Services for a range of data development and maintenance needs.

Mapping Septic Systems in Bay County, MI

Amalgam to work with the Bay County Health Department to develop a digital, location based onsite wastewater inventory. The project, Kawkawlin River Watershed Mapping and Education Outreach, is a grant funded effort to map all septic systems in Bay County and conduct educational outreach.

Amalgam's role in the project is to map all septic systems and input information about each system in FetchEH. The resulting data will be used to gain new insights about septic systems in the county, develop new management tools and improve awareness of septic systems and their impact to the community.

To learn more about the project follow the link here

Mapping Septic System Inventory in Bay County, MI

FetchEH Operations & Maintenance

Amalgam now offers support for Operations & Maintenance (O&M) tracking for onsite wastewater systems in it's FetchEH service. Regulators can now map onsite systems and track O&M events, including visualizing data, gaining insights and generating O&M reports and forecasts.

Chippewa County, MI Parcels

Amalgam completes county-wide parcel mapping project for Chippewa County, MI. The completed parcel fabric will provide Chippewa County with a strong foundation for leveraging GIS to enhance land information workflows and improve access parcel information.

Williams County, OH FetchEH

Amalgam to provide FetchEH service to the Williams County Health District, OH. The FetchEH service will help staff develop a digital, location-based inventory of onsite wastewater systems, gain new insights about the inventory and manage Operations and Maintenance tasks.

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Amalgam has grown from a home office in 2005 to support a diverse client base, talented new staff and space to grow.

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FetchEH helps regulators map onsite wastewater systems, track operations and maintenance and gain new insights

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FetchGIS is a web and mobile GIS solution that makes it easy for audiences to benefit from an organizations location data and services.
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